Tailor Jobs In Bulgaria With Visa Sponsorship 2023 | Darzi Jobs In Bulgaria 2023

Tailor Jobs In Bulgaria: Our Honorable Principal requires the following persons for Bulgaria (Europe). This job has been announced for the Post of Tailor.

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Age Limit
Who Can Apply
Salary Offered
LEV 1170
Job Type
Contract Basis
Date Posted
05 November 2023
Job Location
Bulgaria (Europe)
Last Date To Apply
30 November 2023

Tailor Jobs In Bulgaria 2023 Online Apply


Requirements For Tailor Jobs In Bulgaria


Interested Candidates have skills in sewing clothes.


Minimum Expert in sewing clothes.

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How To Apply For Tailor Jobs In Bulgaria

The application process for these jobs is given below. Read the details carefully before applying for these jobs.

Interested candidates can visit the head office with these documents.

  • CV
  • NIC Card
  • Passport
  • Visa

Tailor Jobs In Bulgaria Contact Number

  • Phone: 051-4906840, 0300-8504464
  • Office Address: Office No.12, 2nd Floor New Shaheen Plaza Chandni Chowk Rawalpindi.

FAQs | Tailor Jobs In Bulgaria

How I Can Apply for Tailor Jobs In Bulgaria?

The application process for these jobs is given below. Read the details carefully before applying for these jobs.

Phone: 051-4906840, 0300-8504464

Requirements to get Tailor Jobs In Bulgaria?

Requirements to get Tailor Jobs In Bulgaria:

Interested Candidates have skills in sewing clothes.

Minimum Expert in sewing clothes.

Tailor Jobs In Bulgaria Overview

Introduction to Tailor Jobs

1. Artistry in Garment Crafting:

Tailoring in Bulgaria represents a skilled profession dedicated to the creation and alteration of clothing, with a particular emphasis on men’s attire. This occupation encompasses the entire spectrum of designing, constructing, and adapting garments to fulfill individual customer preferences and requirements.

2. Historical Endowment:

The venerable term “tailor” is deeply rooted in history, with documented references tracing its origins back to the thirteenth century as recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary. This profession boasts a time-honored legacy and remains an integral component of Bulgaria’s clothing industry.

Tailoring Expertise

1. Precision in Garment Construction:

Tailors in Bulgaria possess a mastery of the art of garment construction. They demonstrate exceptional skills in crafting a wide range of clothing items, including suits, shirts, trousers, and outerwear, with an unwavering commitment to precision and attention to detail.

2. Customization and Alterations:

Beyond fashioning new garments, tailors exhibit a profound proficiency in tailoring existing clothing to achieve a flawless fit. This entails precise adjustments to measurements, hems, and various garment elements to cater to the unique preferences of individual clients.

3. Fabric Proficiency and Style Guidance:

Tailors are well-versed in the intricacies of fabrics and materials, rendering invaluable assistance to clients in the selection of the most suitable options for their desired clothing items. Moreover, they offer insightful counsel on styles, patterns, and prevailing fashion trends.

Tailor Roles in Bulgaria

1. Indispensable Role in the Local Fashion Landscape:

Tailors play a pivotal role in Bulgaria’s vibrant fashion and clothing industry. Their contribution lies in the production of high-quality, personalized menswear, with an emphasis on meeting distinctive wardrobe requirements. Their craftsmanship is greatly esteemed.

2. Specialization in Bespoke Tailoring:

Many Bulgarian tailors specialize in the art of bespoke tailoring. This bespoke approach involves crafting one-of-a-kind clothing items tailored meticulously to the unique measurements and preferences of individual clients. The result is a perfect fit and the embodiment of singular fashion statements.

3. Tailoring Workshops and Boutiques:

Tailors in Bulgaria commonly operate in dedicated workshops or boutiques, serving as hubs of sartorial expertise. Here, they provide comprehensive services that encompass consultation, precise measurements, meticulous fittings, and the expert execution of all tailoring tasks. These establishments are revered for their commitment to both craftsmanship and exemplary customer service.

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