Primary And Secondary Health Department Jobs


Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department Jobs have been announced for the posts of Consultant ( Team Leader) and Consultant (Evaluation & Research).

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Consultant (Team Leader), Consultant (Evaluation & Research)
Age Limit
Who Can Apply
Male, Female
Salary Offered
PKR. 50,000
Job Location
Government Jobs
Experience Required
6 Month
Education Required
Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department
Date Posted
10 December 2022
Job Type
Last Date To Apply
18 December 2022

Primary and Secondary Health Department Jobs Official Advertisement

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Primary and Secondary Health Department Jobs Online Application Process

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Primary and Secondary Health Department

Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department (PSHD) is a governmental organization that focuses on the provision of quality healthcare services to the citizens. Here is some information about PSHD without plagiarism, presented in a point-wise manner:

  • PSHD Overview: The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department is a government department responsible for overseeing and managing healthcare services at the primary and secondary levels in the country.
  • Scope of Services: PSHD is dedicated to ensuring the availability of essential healthcare services to the general population. It covers a wide range of healthcare aspects, including preventive, promotive, curative, and rehabilitative services.
  • Primary Healthcare: The department places significant emphasis on primary healthcare, which involves the first point of contact between individuals and the healthcare system. It focuses on promoting health, preventing diseases, and providing basic healthcare services to the community.
  • Secondary Healthcare: PSHD also oversees the provision of secondary healthcare services, which involve specialized medical care and treatments that require more advanced facilities and expertise. Secondary healthcare includes hospitals, specialized clinics, and diagnostic centers.
  • Healthcare Infrastructure: PSHD works towards developing and maintaining healthcare infrastructure to ensure the availability of adequate healthcare facilities across the region. This includes the establishment and upgrading of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers.
  • Human Resources: The department recognizes the importance of skilled healthcare professionals in delivering quality services. PSHD is responsible for recruiting and training healthcare staff, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and support personnel.
  • Health Programs and Initiatives: PSHD actively initiates and implements various health programs and initiatives to address public health concerns. These programs include immunization drives, disease control campaigns, health awareness campaigns, and maternal and child health programs.
  • Policy Formulation: PSHD plays a crucial role in policy formulation related to primary and secondary healthcare. It contributes to the development of healthcare policies, guidelines, and standards to ensure the provision of quality services and adherence to best practices.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: PSHD is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance of healthcare facilities and programs under its jurisdiction. It assesses the quality of services, patient satisfaction, and overall healthcare outcomes to identify areas for improvement.
  • Collaboration and Coordination: The department collaborates with other government departments, healthcare institutions, and organizations to strengthen the healthcare system. It ensures coordination among different stakeholders for effective healthcare service delivery.
  • Community Engagement: PSHD recognizes the importance of community participation and engagement in healthcare. It encourages community involvement through health education, awareness campaigns, and the establishment of community-based healthcare programs.
  • Health Information Systems: PSHD emphasizes the importance of health information systems for efficient healthcare management. It establishes data collection mechanisms, health records, and reporting systems to support evidence-based decision-making and planning.
  • Emergency Response: The department plays a critical role in emergency preparedness and response. PSHD collaborates with relevant authorities and organizations to develop contingency plans, coordinate emergency services, and ensure the availability of healthcare resources during crises.
  • Continuous Improvement: PSHD strives for continuous improvement in healthcare service delivery. It conducts research, collects feedback, and implements evidence-based practices to enhance the quality, accessibility, and effectiveness of primary and secondary healthcare services.

  • Official Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: 1-Birdwood Road, Lahore
  • Contact: 042-99205826


What is the last date to apply for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department Jobs?

The last date to apply for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department Jobs is 18 December 2022.

What is the Contact Number Of Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department Jobs?

The Contact Number of the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department is as

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