Govt School Privatization Notification | School Privatization List

Govt School Privatization Notification: In a move that has generated significant controversy, the Punjab School Education Department has unveiled a list of over 11,000 public schools in the province marked for privatization. This decision has incited widespread protests and strong opposition from educators, who see it as a harsh and unjust action.

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Privatization Of Schools In Punjab | Govt School Privatization Notification


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Sweeping Privatization Strategy-School Privatization

  • The Punjab School Education Department has disclosed its plans to privatize 11,048 public schools, implementing the process in several phases.
  • Notably, a staggering 1,134 of these schools are situated within the Rawalpindi division, underscoring the scope of this ambitious privatization endeavor.

Uproar Among Teachers-School Privatization

  • Teachers and educational professionals from across Punjab have initiated protests and resistance against the government’s decision, staunchly opposing the privatization move.
  • Their main contention is that privatization poses a threat to the quality of education and the job security of teachers.

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Handover of School Assets-School Privatization

  • As part of the privatization process, all assets belonging to these schools, encompassing buildings, playgrounds, departments, and infrastructure valued at millions of rupees, will be transferred to the oversight of the respective organizations.
  • The government has also outlined plans for the privatization of schools in four districts within the Rawalpindi division.

Privatization in Four Districts-School Privatization

  • The districts that are currently subject to privatization include Rawalpindi, Attock, Chakwal, and Jhelum.
  • This process will impact 376 schools in the Rawalpindi district, 264 in the Attock district, 353 in the Jhelum district, and 141 in the Chakwal district.

Alliance with Muslim Hands Pakistan (NGO)-School Privatization

  • In a significant development, the government has made the decision to entrust the management of these public schools to the non-governmental organization (NGO) known as Muslim Hands Pakistan.
  • This partnership has further fueled the controversy surrounding the privatization decision.

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Privatization in Rawalpindi: A Closer Look-School Privatization

  • According to records provided by the Punjab Education Department, Rawalpindi district stands out as one of the most significantly affected areas, with 376 schools designated for privatization.
  • Additionally, 264 schools in Attock, 353 in Jhelum, and 141 in Chakwal are included in the list.

Province-Wide Implications | School Privatization

  • Beyond the Rawalpindi division, this privatization initiative extends its reach into various other districts. Lahore district is set to privatize 657 schools.
  • Faisalabad district is slated to privatize 910 schools, while Gujranwala district is looking to privatize 434 schools, and Multan district will privatize 317 schools.

Privatization Spreads Across Punjab

  • The privatization plan casts its net wide, affecting all 36 districts in Punjab. In each district, approximately 300 to 600 schools have been selected for privatization.
  • This far-reaching privatization initiative has ignited extensive debates about the future of public education in the province.

Teachers and concerned citizens are expressing their concerns about the potential consequences of this move, raising questions about the quality of education and job security in these newly privatized institutions.

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FAQs | School Privatization

How many public schools in Punjab are being privatized?

The Punjab government is planning to privatize a total of 11,048 public schools across the province.

How many public schools are included in the Rawalpindi division’s privatization plan?

The Rawalpindi division alone has 1,134 public schools slated for privatization.

What is the main concern raised by teachers and educators regarding this privatization plan?

Teachers and educators are concerned about the potential threat to the quality of education and job security that this privatization could bring.

What assets of the public schools are being transferred during the privatization process?

As part of the privatization, all assets of these schools, including buildings, playgrounds, departments, and infrastructure worth millions of rupees, will be transferred to the management of the respective organizations.

Which districts are currently undergoing the privatization process within the Rawalpindi division?

The privatization is taking place in four districts: Rawalpindi, Attock, Chakwal, and Jhelum.

How many schools are affected in Rawalpindi district?

Rawalpindi district has 376 schools included in the privatization plan.

Which non-governmental organization (NGO) is being entrusted with the management of these public schools?

The government has decided to hand over the schools to the NGO known as Muslim Hands Pakistan.

How many schools are set for privatization in other major districts within Punjab?

Lahore district will see 657 schools privatized, Faisalabad district will privatize 910 schools, Gujranwala district will privatize 434 schools, and Multan district is set to privatize 317 schools.

How widespread is the privatization plan across all districts of Punjab?

The privatization plan extends to all 36 districts of Punjab, impacting approximately 300 to 600 schools in each district.

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