Food And Agriculture Organization FAO Quetta Jobs

Food and Agriculture Organization FAO Quetta Jobs have been announced for the posts of Water Management Specialist.

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Water Management Specialist
Age Limit
Who Can Apply
Male, Female
Salary Offered
PKR. 80,000
Job Location
Government Jobs
Experience Required
2 Years
Food and Agriculture Organization FAO Quetta Jobs
Date Posted
13 January 2023
Job Type
Last Date To Apply
18 Sep 2023

Food and Agriculture Organization FAO Quetta Jobs

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Food and Agriculture Organization FAO Quetta

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that focuses on eradicating hunger, promoting agricultural development, and improving food security worldwide. While the FAO has a global presence, this response will specifically discuss the FAO’s involvement in Quetta, Pakistan.

  • Project Implementation: The FAO operates several projects and programs in Quetta, which is the capital city of Balochistan province in Pakistan. These projects aim to enhance agricultural productivity, improve rural livelihoods, and ensure food security in the region.
  • Crop Diversification: One of the key areas of focus for the FAO in Quetta is promoting crop diversification. The organization encourages farmers to cultivate a wide range of crops, including fruits, vegetables, pulses, and oilseeds, to improve nutrition, income generation, and resilience to climate change.
  • Livestock Development: The FAO also supports livestock development initiatives in Quetta. This involves providing technical assistance, capacity building, and resources to enhance livestock production, health management, and market access. These efforts contribute to improving the livelihoods of pastoralists and small-scale livestock farmers in the region.
  • Natural Resource Management: The FAO emphasizes sustainable natural resource management practices in Quetta. This involves promoting efficient water usage, soil conservation, and the adoption of climate-smart agriculture techniques. By implementing these practices, the FAO aims to mitigate the environmental impact of agricultural activities and build resilience against climate change.
  • Capacity Building: The FAO conducts training programs and workshops in Quetta to enhance the knowledge and skills of farmers, agricultural extension workers, and government officials. These capacity-building initiatives cover various topics such as improved farming techniques, post-harvest management, value chain development, and agricultural policy formulation.
  • Emergency Response: In times of crisis, such as natural disasters or conflicts, the FAO plays a crucial role in providing emergency assistance and support to affected communities in Quetta. This includes distributing food aid, providing agricultural inputs, and restoring agricultural infrastructure to help communities recover and rebuild their livelihoods.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: The FAO collaborates with local government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), research institutions, and other stakeholders in Quetta to achieve its objectives. By fostering partnerships, the FAO leverages collective efforts, expertise, and resources to address the challenges faced by the agricultural sector in the region.


Phone: 0519255491


What is the last date to apply for Food and Agriculture Organization FAO Quetta Jobs?

The last date to apply for these jobs is 18 Sep 2023.

What is the Contact Number Of the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO Quetta Jobs?

The Contact Number of the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO Quetta Jobs is as Phone: 0519255491

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